All of these sales will end August 30th

We want to thank everyone who shared the news about our unexpected visitor.He/she was the reason we had to send a sudden closure notice Sunday. We really thought there may have been a robbery. The camera footage of our raccoon has been featured on BlogTO, the Toronto Sun and on CP24. A fun news story that I am sure made everyone smile. We love the reporter who summed it all up by saying “I sure hope he made a friendship bracelet.”

For this two day sale we are including our SPC labeled Home Decor products!

Outlet Store Policies

No additional discounts are applied to items in special sales promotions.

Your membership discount is not applied when an item is already in a special promotion.

The following items are already being sold at their lowest price and are never included in extra storewide sales promotions;

feathers*, SPC products, Bath Bombs, foam sheets, felt, glitter jars, bead looms, gimp, glue, glue guns, leather hides, sinew and treasure jars.

*some feathers are 50% off and they are marked with signage.