New Bone Bead Collection!

We have spectacular new addition of bone classic and novelty products. There are round beads in natural, white and black color options. You will adore the new pendants with bears, arrows, turtles and paws.

We have new pipe beads and slabs.

There are four new mixed tubs with stunning assortments.

Last, but perhaps our favorite, we have four sizes of imitation African porcupine quills.

Our stores now have gift cards!

The perfect birthday, valentine or galantine gift for your crafty friends and family!

Your membership discount is not applied when an item is already in a special promotion.
The following items are already being sold at their lowest price and are never included in extra store-wide sales promotions; Feathers**, foam sheets, felt, glitter jars, bead looms, gift certificates, gimp, glue,
glue guns, leather hides and treasure jars.

Please note that during a MEGA sale all other sales are suspended.

Christmas Home Decor is currently 70% off, but during the MEGA sale it will be 50% off, so check out at the cash register goes smoothly.

Please note our permanent store policies below listing items never included in any sales.