Some of What You’ll Find In The Outlet

We can’t list it all.  There are tens of thousands of items!

Beads: Glass, Crystal, Acrylic, Fire Polish, Wood, Semi-Precious, Ori Crystal, Ceramic, Machine Cut Crystal, Cubic Zirconia, Glass Pearls, Acrylic Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Metal Beads, Packaged Beads, Semi-Precious Beads and many more.

Craft Supplies: Pony Beads, Spaghetti Beads, Tri-Beads, Mini Crow Beads, Glow-In-The Dark Beads, Vinyl Lacing, Craft Cord, Chenille, Foam, Felt, Glitter, Sequins, Glue Guns, Glue Sticks, Styrofoam, Pom-Poms, Hemp, Tassels, Safety Pins, Key Chains, Bells, Sidewalk Chalk, Safety Scissors, Magnetic Tape, Metal Barrettes, Chenille Stems/Pom Poms, Styrofoam to name just a few.  We also have some craft kits and DiamondDotz.

Fishing Beads: Glow-In-The Dark Beads, Fluorescent Beads

Findings: Jewelry Components, Eye Pins, Head Pins, Lobster Clasps, Crimps, Toggles, Jump Rings, Ear Studs, Chandelier Earrings, Ear Clips, Fishhook Earrings, Bead Caps and more!

Stringing Materials: Stretch Cord, Waxed Cord, Leather Cord, Imitation Leather, Memory Wire, Suede, Beading Wire, Silk, Hemp, Cotton Wax Cord, beading string

Carnival Supplies: Acrylic Flat Backs, Sequined Trim, Braided Trim, Appliqués, Fused Pearls, Fused Faceted Beads, Mylar, Leatherette, Onion Grass Metallic Flare, Sew-On Resin, Acrylic Mirrors, Beaded Motifs, Fringe, Hat Trim, glue guns, glue sticks

Notions: Rhinestone Buttons, Sew On Stones, ribbons, vintage buttons

Feathers: Coque, Goose, Marabou, Hair Accessories, Ostrich (only Toronto), Pheasant, Boas, Feather Masks

Native Supplies: Needles, Seed Beads, Metal Rings, Feathers, Hair Bone, Bone, Dolls, Embroidered Trim, Aluminum Cones, Conchos, Cowbells, Bead loom Kits, Sinew, Jingles

Rosary Making Supplies: Rosary Oats, Chain, Connectors, Crosses, Centerpieces, Wooden Beads, Spacers, Organza Pouches, Rosary Figurines, Artistic Wire, Finished Rosaries

17 thoughts on “Some of What You’ll Find In The Outlet

  1. Hi does this include 50 gm bags of delica beads, the 50% off?? And do you mail to Victoria BC?? J

  2. I am looking for bulk (100 or more) white buttons around 13.5 mm or so and some maybe 25 mm
    Do you carry anything like this? If so what price might they roughly be.
    Thank you.

    1. Because we are an outlet, I can never say for sure if they are in stock.
      You can always phone ahead to ask.

    1. Not a large selection. In Toronto we have the wreathes and more flowers. In Blassdell, a little less, since we ae still adding inventory.

  3. My first time going to John Bead store, in Blasdale NY. They weren’t quite complete with stocking and all, but from what I saw, I love this store!! Prices r great and lots of inventory. I will definitely b back!

  4. Hello from overseas!
    Do you have also any studs that can be used for belts from a regalia? The studs I am looking for are like conchos with 3 or 5 prongs and made out of full brass. And do you ship to Germany?

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