Outlet Store and Sale Policies 
The following items are already being sold at their lowest price and are not included:
Feathers**, foam sheets, felt, glitter jars, bead looms, gift certificates, gimp, glue, glue guns, leather hides, sinew and treasure jars.
**some feathers are 50% off and they are clearly marked with signage.
There are no refunds.
Please check your merchandise before you complete your sale.
No additional discounts are applied to items in special sales promotions.
There is only one discount of 50% March 4,5,6, 2022.

You will receive an additional 50% off everything in the store on Saturday April 12 and Sunday April 13, 2014. (No additional coupons or discounts can be used.)

Our new Outlet is a craft and beading bargain hunter’s paradise. It has virtually everything needed by jewelry makers, costume designers, craft show vendors, rosary makers, corporate gift buyers, or for anyone working with children.

We have a stunning collection of hand made jewelry, which is perfect for bridal parties and other special events. We are making these one of a kind pieces available exclusively in the Outlet and at great prices.

Join us this Saturday and Sunday – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Come early and save big!

This gorgeous and on-trend bracelet is a gorgeous gift and can be made for under $10 if you shop at the Outlet.

If you have never made jewelry, this is the ideal starter project.  The entire bracelet is joined together with special stretch bead cord (elastic).  The only work you will have is trying to decide which beads and charms to add!  I found the black beads in the bead section and in another section of the store I fell in love with the rhinestone encrusted separator beads.  They reminded me of art deco style jewelry.

There are so many charms to choose from in The Outlet as well.  Since they are packaged in groups, this one would cost about 75 cents.

I added my string of black beads together with a few of the rhinestone separator beads and simply tied a knot.

I have quite a bit of my supplies still left over along with my elastic.  I can start my next project now.

There are so many strands of beads in the Outlet to choose from.  Semi-precious stones are on sale this week and you could select fabulous strands to make a bracelet with.

You can create gifts for friends based on birthstone colours, favorite colours or even what is trending right now.  Simple, fast and inexpensive.

These are some of my picks for the last day of the 50% off sale.  These spools of pearls are a bargain!

These rhinestone clasps will probably never be in the Outlet at this price and in a huge sale again!

This metallic cord selection is fantastic for kumihimo braids.

You won’t be disappointed at the bags of beads in this section.  They are divided by colour and each bag is better than the next!

If you are coming to enjoy the last day we are open until after the move please stock up. 

The store will not be open again until we make an announcement here on the blog and on the Facebook page.