Without a doubt, the Outlet is well stocked with pearls.  We have glass, freshwater and vintage.

The vintage collection is wonderful and there are some unique components that will allow you to create dramatic contemporary designs.

We also have pearls in many shades of white and off white.  There are even vintage black pearls as well.

Sizing is also plentiful.  You can choose from big and small pearl shapes.

The Outlet also has half drilled and no hole pearls too.

You use cup components to glue these pearls into place.

Nancy Donaldson used a crochet needle and wire to create this new statement necklace with pearls in the Outlet.

These vintage mini strands are already finished and sold by the piece.

Attaching them to wire creates new jewelry in minutes.  Nancy Donaldson also made this set of jewels.

You can see our pearls in the Outlet six days a week and a good collection will be on sale at the Creativ Festival in Toronto on Friday and Saturday.

We wanted to share a jewelry set Nancy Donaldson designed with some unique costume jewelry pearls we just added to the Outlet.

These are right out of our storage vault.  At least 30 years old, these pre-knotted pearl sections have two bead tips already attached.  We would love to know how they were originally used. 

These finished ends make a project go super quick!   We are selling these at only 75 cents each!

You can see how Nancy added these to a wire choker for this unique new look.  The matching earring only took her a few minutes too! Stop in and pick up a handful.  Vintage doesn’t last long in the Outlet.

This is our new vintage costume jewelry pearls section.  I’ll be featuring more projects with this amazing collection.