Jennifer Lopez dazzled at the 91st Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, hitting the red carpet in a disco ball-inspired Tom Ford gown.

We took a closer look at the dress and realized we had similar mirror embellishments in the store.

 Our mirrors are silver or gold backed.

 As you can see, you just sew them into place.

 They all have a clear liner to protect them from scratching in the bag.  We almost didn’t notice that you need to peel this off to get an even shinier finished embellishment.

This is a great costume idea!  You just need to spend time placing your pieces into a pleasing pattern.

We have a stunning collection of crystal motifs that can be used to embellish clothing, costumes and uniforms.  They can also be incorporated into jewelry designs or worn as a brooch.  You’ll be shocked at the markdown from previous years and our selection is bigger than ever.

There are six unique shapes in nine colors.

Crystal AB Gold
Fuchsia AB Gold
Amethyst AB Gold
Topaz AB Gold
Green AB Gold
Blue AB Gold
Red AB Gold
Purple AB Gold
Yellow AB Gold

If you have shopped in the Outlet you would have already seen the brand new area dedicated to carnival, costume and performing arts designers.  This special “store within a store” has made it so much easier for designers to pick up 1 or even the 100 items they need to create finished designs.

Arriving this month are these foundation garments.  Bras and bottoms ready to be embellished!  We have special pricing for orders of 50 or more sets and excellent pricing if you just need to pick up one set for a prototype.

(These new items are not included in this month’s special 30% off promotion)

As always, we are happy to help you find everything you need so do ask for extra assistance if you do not see what you are looking for.

Book an appointment to place your production orders ASAP to ensure:

Better Pricing

Availability of Stock.

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