If you enjoy creating your own one of a kind jewelry, you will definitely love the Klik interchangeable jewelry collection in the Outlet.

For this project I gathered interesting shapes and some diamondback crystals.  Since these items are being embedded into the clay it was important to have something that could be pushed into into place.

All the Klik components are in the store along with this air drying epoxy clay (also known as resin clay).  The bezel blanks are a personal favorite.

After filling my klik bezel blanks with clay I simply played with the placement of my beads.

My bigger blank was fun to fill!  I brushed some black pearl-ex powder over the all the exposed clay and let everything air dry for 24 hours.  Then I just brushed away any excess powder.

The necklace component has room for one large and two small bezel blanks.

My small bezels have a different design.  They can also be set into the interchangeable klik earrings.

Imagine all the possibilities!



Klik Necklace by Carmi Cimicata

I have a Klik project to share with you.  This is my salute to vintage Niagara Falls.

This project begins with vintage postcards.  The Niagara Falls postcard gave me so many wonderful memories that I knew I would need to do something special with it.

There are two sizes and two lip depths to choose from.  I used a large snap with the 21mm lip for the main image and two small shallow 18mm lips for my side pieces.

This is the KLIK combo pendant that I “kliked” my finished snaps into.  This makes planning a necklace super easy!

When you plan to pour resin over paper you need to take the time to seal all your paper imagery.  I used several layers of a decoupage medium to seal my postcards.

In order to make sure my resin would not overflow, I set up a little cardboard channel to set my snaps on.  I filled my snaps with Jewelry Resin.

I love this set!  My last step was to select a chain.  Ready to wear in moments.

Resin is now in the Outlet.

Here are some wonderful examples of what designers created using the Klik components now in the Outlet.

Lea Kimmel – KLIK It, KLIK it Good!

Pam Hornschu – Jewelry In A Snap

Pam Hornschu – Klik Klik Klik – BOOOOO!


Mona Lisa In Clay with Stampendous and Klik by Carmi Cimicata

Amy Hurley-Purdie – Klik Blog Hop Bracelet

Silhouette KLIK Necklace With Stampendous Glitters by Carmi Cimicata
Klik and Stampendous Mica Fragment Bezels by Carmi Cimicata
Jamie Martin Flower Bracelet Project
Jamie Martin – Butterfly Bracelet Theme
Janelle Stollfus – KLIK Bezel Blank Necklace
Tenia Nelson – Klik Necklace
Tenia Nelson – Klik Bracelet

We would like to extend our thank yous to all the bloggers who participated in this blog hop.  You have given everyone lots of inspiration for our KLIK components.