When you visit the Outlet, I hope one of the first things you notice is this chain at the front door.

It looks so bright and cheerful that you may think it is just to add some colour to the cash register zone.

However, if you follow the chain you will see that it goes all the way down the whole side of the Outlet!  There is no way to capture it in one photo!

Throughout the length of chain you will see the most beautiful attachments!

Some charms are simple.

And some charms are quite heavy.

The children (and children at heart) who helped to make this were all wonderful.  I hope you enjoy seeing Canada’s longest charm bracelet when you visit The Outlet.



The best part of going to The Outlet is the bins.  I do love a hunt for a bargain.  The bins at the John Bead outlet are very organized though!  This picture is a great example.

There is a pile of sterling silver charms….and as you can see they are only $3.  While setting up my post today I noticed this little crown charm.  I hope it is still there when I go back this week!

This grouping of charms is priced at $1.00 for small and $1.50 for large.