We are celebrating the festive season with a special day in the store.  Meet our teachers, play with some products and learn a new technique or two!


Wire and Beaded Tree

Nancy will show you how to make a beaded Christmas tree with wire.

You’ll want to wear it as pendant or feature it as an ornament.

Time:  11am – 2pm (three hours)


Festive Earrings

Melanie will show you how to make festive ball earrings.  There are several ideas for this project and Melanie will show you several versions.

Time:  1pm – 4pm (three hours)


Beaded Snowflake

Laurie will demonstrate our fabulous snowflake frames.

You’ll make one too!  They look gorgeous on a tree or as a sun catcher.

Time: 12 – 3pm (three hours)


1st Stitch and Bitch

Emma will be hosting a casual gathering in the classroom.  Bring an unfinished project and enjoy knitting and crocheting with others.  Emma will be happy to demonstrate a stitch you might like to learn and she can help you with problem projects too!

Time:  11am – 2pm (three hours)


Please let us know if you are attending by phoning the store or emailing.

We cannot guarantee you a time or spot for each demo, but we will keep a sign up sheet at each table so you can sign in and then wander through the store.

Facebook Event Signup – www.facebook.com/JohnBeadOutlet/

Phone:  (416) 757-9554

This snowflake ornament is made up of broken jewelry components.

Most of us have a few old and broken pieces of jewelry somewhere in our drawers or jewelry box.  A few of those pieces may even have sentimental value. I am taking those old pieces and turning them into ornaments I can enjoy and showcase.  All I need to do is cut the string for this old pearl necklace and I have plenty of beads to work with.  Once I add in the old wood bead necklace, I also have some interesting focal beads.

The women in the Outlet came up with an even easier way to add beads to the snowflake frame!

Instead of using a plier to twist each strung wire closed, they pushed an earring back into place.  These hold all my beads beautifully and create a professional looking finish.  I could permanently glue them, or leave them as is so I can reuse the beads in another project later.

The more you play with these snowflake frames the more ideas you will have.

Snowflake frames are available in The Outlet in three sizes.


Our Dazzle-it Snowflake frame is the ideal project for anyone with a collection of interesting beads.

For this project, Czech fire polished flat oval beads and cloisonne beads combine to create a gorgeous ornament.

You have millions of options to make your own one of a kind snowflake.

Our snowflake frames are available in three sizes and are in the Outlet right now.

The spiderweb is so easy to make, but it is hard to create a creepy spiderweb for halloween when you use beautiful glass Ori beads for your project.

I have been making some gorgeous ornaments with my beads and the Dazzle-it Snowflake frame.  The frames are available in three sizes and today’s spiderweb is a medium sized frame.

I had just the right amount of black crystals for my project.

Once all my prongs were filled I started to add my webbing.  A simple twist of a wire was all I needed to hold the beads in place.

I tried to make it less perfect by adding one less bead here and there.

I was starting to get nervous that I would run out of beads.  Luckily I had a third strand of these smaller black beads.  In the end, I used three 8 inch strands of small beads and one and a half strands of the larger bead.

I am very pleased with the final webbing.  Now I am on the hunt for an actual spider to attach to it.

The snowflake frames are in the Outlet now.

These snowflakes are a gorgeous addition to any decorating projects.  Naturally, they are associated with Christmas, but by selecting different colours, they could be showcased year round in windows and in other home dec designs.

They are a simple concept with unlimited possibilities for ornamentation.  Frames are available in three sizes.

When I want to create a snowflake I usually pre select the beads to see if I can create an interesting pattern.  The wire will even accept 4mm Swarovski bicone beads, so I can use almost any bead in my collection.

The wire is silver plated and is very strong.  I would not recommend shaping the prong ends or cutting it with my good jewelry making tools.  I have been using an older set of tools and a pair of pliers from my regular tool box to finish my snowflakes.  This is not intended for children.  If you want to have children participate, have them design their snowflake, but adults should finish the prong ends if the wire is being manipulated.

You also want to remind yourself to leave about 1/2 inch of wire if you plan to bend the prong ends.

If you don’t leave enough wire, this will happen.  It might hold your beads, but it does not look finished and may catch on clothes or curtains.

I have strong hands, so I am able to make a rounded edge.

Since you have to do this six times, you’ll find that you will get better and better at leaving just the right amount of wire on each snowflake prong.

I have also discovered that making a flatter prong end with regular pliers looks just a pretty.

You just want to be sure to close this gap to keep your snowflake perfect.

You could also use a combination of glued ends with bent wire ends.

For this snowflake I glued small beads to 5 of 6 prong ends.  I only bent one of the prong wire ends so I could hang my ornament with wire or ribbon.

The classic tree ornament hook can be used to display these pretty snowflakes.

When you design your snowflakes, you’ll find that by changing the centre beads, you can get a tighter grouping.  Mixing and matching makes this enjoyable.

I used chiffon ribbon to finish these.  You could also use rattail, satin ribbons, cotton cords and even a thinner leather cord.

The snowflake frames are now in the Outlet!

If you are going to the Creativ Festival in Toronto, we’ll have a booth where you can make one free!

Well be in booth 326!