Czech Finished Jewelry – Brooches

These are just two of the dozens of finished brooches in The Outlet.

The prices should have you falling off your chairs right now.   I took pictures with the prices close by.  This first brooch is only $11.50.  With your 10% members discount card…they are giving these away!

This brooch would be a cherished gift and only $14.95!  As always, when they are gone they are gone.

Wow! Nylon Mesh is in The Outlet!

Nylon Mesh is in the Outlet!  This very special stringing material can be used to create so many different designs.

You can fill the mesh with interesting beads.  There is a blog post on the main John Bead site showing you more about this technique.

You can also string beads over the mesh.  That technique is featured in a second blog post.

Feathers and more Feathers!

If you like feathers and feathery things you really must pop by The Outlet!

There are feathers everywhere!

Where will you find a large ostrich feather for $2?

These would be fabulous additions to any Halloween costume or party decor!

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